(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. male, man, he, homo, gentleman, sir, master, yeoman, wight, swain, blade, chap, gaffer, husband, bachelor, Mr., mister; boy, stripling, youth, lad; homme; hombre; macho; lady's man, lady-killer; male bonding; male chauvinist pig. Informal, fellow. Slang, hetero, one-way street; guy, bloke (Brit.), bimbo, bozo, buck, colt, hardleg, hunk, hardbody, pair of pants, buffalo, cave man, joe, cunt; blood, clink, brown sugar; geezer. See populace, humanity, marriage.
2. (male animal) cock, drake, gander, dog, boar, stag, hart, buck, horse, stallion, tomcat, ram, billygoat, bull, rooster, cob, capon, ox, gelding, steer.
3. (male quality) manhood, manliness, maleness, masculinity, virility, machismo.
4. homosexual, gay, epicene. Slang, third sex, closet queen, drag queen, angel, aspro, buttercup, capon, chicken, [midnight] cowboy, daisy, dandy, fag, faggot, fairy, femme, fruit[cake], homo, nancy, pansy, pervert, pixy, queer, sissy, sister, swish, angel[ina], chickenhawk, cookie-pusher, farl[e]y, flamer, kiki, lavender, mary ann, rough trade, flip, half a man, Miss Thing, mother, cake eater, capon, cupcake, daughter, invert.
Verbs — masculinize; act male. Slang, foop.
1. male, masculine, manly, boyish, manlike, mannish; macho.
2. homosexual, gay, bi[sexual]. Slang, ambidextrous, in the life.
Phrases — boys will be boys; the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Quotations — Man is nature's sole mistake! (W. S. Gilbert), All men are rapists, and that's all that they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, and their codes (Marilyn French), Somehow a bachelor never gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever (Helen Rowland), A man is a god in ruins (Emerson).
Antonyms, see female.
(Roget's IV) modif.
Syn. masculine, manly, manlike, manful, virile, macho, vigorous, potent, staminate, he*; see also manly , masculine 2 .
Syn. man, fellow, guy*, male sex, man-child, he; see also boy , father , man 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
man, gentleman, guy, fellow, buck, *dude, boy, brother, father.
ANT.: female, woman
masculine, manly, *macho, virile.
ANT.: female, feminine
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective Of, characteristic of, or befitting the male sex: macho, manful, manlike, manly, mannish, masculine, virile. See GENDER.

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